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Baltimore, Maryland, affectionately known as the Charm City and home of much-beloved sports teams like the Ravens and Orioles, quirky artists like John Waters, attractions like the Inner Harbor and distinct local cuisine like Maryland blue crabs.

Baltimore is also the second largest seaport in the Mid-Atlantic, making this beautiful city on the Chesapeake Bay key for shipping and commerce.

But why is Baltimore called the “Charm City”? Well, as the story goes, a former mayor of Baltimore was unhappy with the city’s reputation as being a city that lives in the shadows of Philadelphia and Washington DC. The mayor hired some advertising executives to rebrand Baltimore as a top destination spot. The Charm City moniker only dates back to 1975 when ads began to promote Baltimore as a charming city.

And if there’s one thing that Baltimore knows, it’s teeth. The Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, which is part of the University of Maryland, is the first ever dental college in the world. Although history shows that humankind has been “practicing” dentistry for some 7,000 years, it wasn’t until 1840 that a college was established to professionally train dentists.

Emergency Dentist 24/7 will connect you with a caring Baltimore dentist who is trained to help patients with emergency dental procedures. Call Emergency Dentist 24/7 at (410) 710-6194 so you can get back to experiencing all of the charm that Baltimore has to offer.


Types Of Dental Emergencies

Dental Abscess

A dental abscess is the result of a dental infection that is allowed to remain untreated for a significant amount of time. A dental abscess destroys tooth structure and eventually the jaw bone. The symptoms of a dental abscess are usually severe dental pain and swelling. If treated quickly the negative results can usually be controlled and extensive loss of teeth and oral structures can be avoided. If treatment is postponed the infection can become more difficult to treat and in some cases life threatening. The best solution to an emergency dental problem is to call the Emergency Dentist at (410) 710-6194 as quickly as possible.

Dr. Parris, the Philadelphia dentist who founded Emergency Dentist 24/7 has been successfully treating emergency dental problems for over 50 years. He has organized a national network of over a 100 well-trained dental professionals with long years of experience treating dental problems. Participating offices are located in every state, from coast to coast, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Offices are independently owned and operated by the individual dentists and follow all well established sterilization procedures. Most offices offer after- hours emergency visits on weekends and holidays. All members of the Emergency Dental Network have agreed to treat and solve dental emergency problems within 24 hours or less following a telephone call. Treatment is prompt and efficient and the latest techniques of local anesthesia, sleep dentistry and pain control are utilized in all offices. We constantly monitor the offices in our network with follow up responses from treated patients to insure that they are utilizing the highest levels of dental knowledge regarding emergency treatment. Antibiotics and pain- control prescriptions are routinely provided, if necessary before, during and after treatment. Following the original examination and x-rays, the dentist or members of his or her staff will discuss the proposed treatment and estimated charges and payment options available.

Wisdom Teeth

In many cases, the patient’s upper and lower jaws are too small to properly accommodate the 32 teeth in human dentition. As a result, many patients have misaligned teeth. The most commonly seen result of this crowding is unusual and painfully-positioned wisdom teeth. Problematic wisdom teeth are usually seen in patients above the age of 18. Many wisdom teeth, the most posterior teeth in each jaw, both upper and lower, erupt after all the other teeth have positioned themselves and have no room to properly align with the other teeth already in position. As a result, they often enter the mouth in a twisted, unusual angle, causing much pain and swelling. A visit with the Emergency Dentist is the best answer to this problem and the sooner the better, before complications develop that will make the problem more difficult to solve. Wisdom teeth in younger patients can be more easily removed before the teeth become firmly attached to the jaw, as the patient ages. Call the Emergency Dentist at (410) 710-6194.

Sports-Related Tooth Injuries

Football, basketball, baseball, hockey and all contact sports present the potential for injuring the teeth usually the upper front teeth! A cut lip and displaced front teeth are often the result of a sports accident. Local anesthesia followed by the placement of a suture or two will usually be necessary to heal a damaged lip. Repositioning and fixing any displaced teeth in the proper biting relationship is the best solution to teeth that have been moved out of position Call the Emergency Dentist as soon as possible following a sports injury.

Dental Decay

If dental decay is ignored and left untreated it will rapidly destroy tooth structure. Decay will penetrate into the soft, dental pulp within the central part of the damaged tooth and cause severe intractable pain. This is the most frequent cause of the toothaches. To solve this problem, Call the Emergency Dentist at (410) 710-6194.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants can be sometimes used to replace extracted or missing teeth. Implants are either metallic or non-metallic replacement for lost teeth. The implant is embedded in the location where a tooth was previously lost and after bonding with the surrounding bone, a tooth like crown is permanently cemented over the abutment that extends above the gum line. Your emergency dentist will tell you if this option is suitable in your particular case.

Chipped Teeth and Fractured Teeth/Lost Fillings

If teeth are chipped or fractured or if previously placed fillings are cracked or lost, the resulting empty space accumulates food and initiates the start of dental decay. If allowed to continue untreated, the dental pulp within the tooth is often damaged and severe toothaches will result. Prompt repair of chipped teeth and replacement of lost fillings is vital to maintain a healthy and pain-free mouth. Call the Emergency Dentist at (410) 710-6194 to keep your mouth in good health!

Gum Disease

The soft tissue surrounding the teeth is called gum tissue. This is an important component of dental health. Frequent tooth brushing and use of dental floss will help prevent accumulation of food around the teeth which if allowed to remain will harden and become a source of inflammation and eventually gum infection. Periodic visits to the dentist or hygienist to have this accumulated food, called tartar removed is important to maintain oral health.

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